15 Nov 2012

Fabulous freestyle

Some of our showgirls got their first taste of freestyle burlesque last night.

The old hands in the troupe have been here before and slipped easily into their "Pimps and Prostitutes" byplay. I'm delighted to report that our newer showgirls, after the first couple of startled, wide-eyed, Bambi faces, soon got the hang of it and made a delectable job of being working women selling their wares!

More challenging was the magical moment when the Burlicious team nearly became attached to each other at the hip while demonstrating a move. Sequinned leggings on the one married to fishnets on the other act as permanent sparkly velcro. I know we're close anyway, but we nearly had to dance together in a three-legged fashion for the rest of the night!

Yours, in sequinned bondage,

Burlicious x

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