17 Mar 2017

Ooooh, that tickles!

We love, love, love our new routine. It's big-headed of us, we know, but it's hard to get across the sheer joy to be had in seeing moves that you have literally sweated over in the design phase given flesh by our fabulous showgirls.

One move has a showgirl, back to the audience, legs astride, bending over at the waist while the two showgirls who flank her take their hand down then up the back of her legs.

Cue feminine tittering behind us at the first test drive of this little bit of routine. Turning round, we discover one of our showgirls, all pink and giggly, squirming and laughing at how ticklish it was when her partners in sequins did this to her.

Now, we sometimes partner up showgirls by height. For performance, we have sometimes arranged them on stage by height and colouring.

We have never had to take into consideration before how ticklish they may be.

Is this what the proper choreographers do?

Yours, delighted to produce a giggle,

Burlicious x

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