2 Mar 2017

Brassy beauty

It'll be a hot afternoon down the choreography mine at Burlicious Towers today. We Burlicious Three are putting the final touches to our new routine. The music is a glorious piece of sexy sax, definite drums and a temptation of trumpets.

And the routine?

All modesty aside, we think it's beautiful. Our Props Manager says that it's our loudest routine yet, but he's just referring to the amount of laughter issuing forth as we designed it. We think it's great - we've invented new moves, including some utterly delicious business with a boa and a glove.

So, showgirls, if you fancy coming to play with us, we'll be launching it next Wednesday, 8th March. We might even know the routine ourselves by then :-). As usual, we'll take the beginning nice and slow, So, if you can't make next week, don't panic - we'll make sure you catch up the week after.

Looking forward to seeing you for a brand new Burlicious adventure.

Yours, lining up for lusciousness,

Burlicious x

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