23 Feb 2017

A spanking finale

We cruised delectably to the last steps of our current routine last night. This includes the "spank self lightly with glove" move so loved by audiences over the years.

And it's more difficult than it looks, somehow. Although the right buttock is not at that time a moving target, and although it is not exactly a teeny target either, a direct hit on the buttock is a surprisingly rare occurrence. Instead there are little flails of glove just past the buttock, dedicated whipping of thin air; and unintended thrashings of thigh. Still, it does look lovely.

See you next week, showgirls, for an opportunity just to dance and dance and dance this one. It's one we use a lot for performances so it's worth knowing it well if you do want to strut your gorgeous stuff in public. Then we'll start something new on Weds 8th March.

In the meantime, we'll be choreographing like crazy this afternoon. Cue shrieks of laughter, feathers everywhere and our Props Manager with his headphones firmly on so as to shut out the racket.

Yours, busy crafting new beauty from hilarious beginnings,

Burlicious x

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