2 Feb 2017

A ha'penny for your thoughts

We love a suggestive, mildly salacious dance routine.

We also strive - because we are laydees - for a veil of decorum in our class. Although it must be said that I am the showgirl most likely to let us down on this score.

Noticing that some showgirls were going for a vague stroke of the hips instead of an enthusiastic slide of hands over the groin last night, the Sparkly Bra Pixie halted proceedings to explain that what we were after was a full-on "hands to fanny" move.

This prompted some discussion about what instruction I should give when we reached that point in the routine. "Ha'penny" and "Lady Garden" were jokingly suggested and immediately rejected as having too many syllables. "Minge" was then helpfully put forward as the shorter option.

I have to tell you that shouting "MINGE!!" as an instruction to a group of delectable showgirls as they wriggle deliciously from side to side feels, well, shall we say it feels just a teeny bit unrefined?

Mind you, it did generate an appreciative round of laughter, which is something that we love about our class.

Yours, regretfully unlikely to be invited to the Debutantes' Ball,

Burlicious x

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