30 Mar 2017

Protecting one's modesty

It's a snazzy move - a turn on the spot to face the front, right hand loosely over the fanny, left hand behind the back, followed by a series of head turns, showgirl to showgirl.

Having run through this for the first time with the troupe last night, we turned around to check how things were going and saw about half of them still standing there, frozen in position, hand clutching fanny, waiting for the next instruction.

It was like watching a little row of cats washing. Do you know what we mean? Wash, wash, wash, wash, then the cat forgets what it's doing and sits there vacant, tongue still out and leg up in the air, in perfect suspended animation. Last night's freeze frame was somewhere between that and a full-on, Michael-Jackson-grabs-his-groin-and-refuses-to-release-it moment.

We've talked about keeping yer hand on yer ha'penny before. Last night was a grimly determined version of that idea, with a line of showgirl hands firmly poised and ready to repel all boarders.

Laugh? We nearly popped our poppers and burst our corset ribbons. Honestly, the dancing is a workout. The laughter, though, that's the full muscle thrashing for face and belly.
Yours, loving you for being hilarious and brilliant as always, showgirls,

Burlicious x

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