2 Apr 2015

Something to follow

Another term of titivation and titters ends. A small, but perfectly formed, troupe of showgirls made a handsome job of the back end of Lady Marmalade last night (if you'll excuse the expression). We do love this working girls' ditty - it's all hips and sass.

Classes start again on 22nd April, my lovelies, with the unwrapping of our brand new routine. I learnt today that, when we were in the garden at Burlicious Towers last week, capturing this little number on video, my neighbour was hard at work in her office. Imagining that the noise, the music and the laughter were, in her words: "a bunch of teenage girls having a rave in the middle of the bloody day", she tiptoed up to her balcony to see what was going on. And there we were, scampering about in our mis-matched outfits on the decking and trying to stay out of the pond whilst high-kicking our socks off (very nearly literally). What elfin little glamour pusses we are, to be sure!

Lastly, do pop 27th June in your diary if you fancy an afternoon workshop with us. More details next week but it'll be a chance to go over our building block dance moves; learn a routine from scratch; have a laugh; and then re-balance the body carefully with a bit of fizz and cake.

Yours, full of treats to come,

Burlicious x

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