30 Apr 2015

In search of smokey sexiness

No sooner do we launch a new routine than we start thinking about the next. And we do like to vary the tempo and tone from number to number. Recently, we’ve crafted an intimate, upbeat version of “All About That Bass”; a sassy, slightly “end of the Pier show” bawdy version of “When You’re Good To Mama”; and a dreamy, sensuous version of “The Other Woman”.

Now we’re ready for a bit of honest smut. Which is where you come in, you gorgeous things.

One of our crowd pleasers is the glorious routine we created years ago to “Nasty Naughty Boy”, by Christina Aguilera. It’s a gift of a song – obvious lyrics; growly, bedtime vocals; and big, blowsy trumpets. Have a listen to it on iTunes or something similar (we use the version from her album “Back to Basics”) to see what we mean. In our gloved hands it’s an experienced woman’s invitation to a whole load of fun!

We would like another song like that, please. Any suggestions?

Do drop us a line on burlicious@gmail.com with any little ditty that you think would do the trick, or contact us via Facebook. Think of it as doing a small service to humanity – if you help us to find the perfect, slinky, sexy, smouldering soundtrack, you will be making a number of people very happy!

Yours, choreography slippers at the ready J,

Burlicious x

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