17 Apr 2015

Shimmy into summer

At last it's time to come back to class!

Throw off your practical outfits; slide into the kind of number that would get you arrested in the supermarket; and wiggle yourself over to our intimate little hall for a brand new term.

Class starts again on Wednesday 22nd April at our usual time of 8pm.

Even better, we'll be launching our brand new routine, so everyone who comes will be learning the routine from scratch.

It's absolutely the perfect time to try Burlicious for the first time, or to come back to our corsetted bosom if life has stolen you away for a while. And, our delicious showgirl regulars, we hope that it goes without saying that we're also looking forward to high-stepping it across that floor with you again.

Yours, waiting for Wednesday,

Burlicious x

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