8 Mar 2010

That showgirl look

Just wanted to report in on some very successful (so far) online shopping with Corsets UK (www.corsets-uk.com). They have some truly wonderful designs in lovely materials, as well as a "buy two, get a third free" offer. The corsets are good quality and are nicely tailored, without being so tight you can't breathe or move in them. One word of warning, we're not describing the ones that take up to 4 inches off your waist here - it's probably too much to ask to get that wasp-waisted look AND be able to do a full dance routine!

As with most online shopping, it's a trial and error thing to get the right size. Certainly the orders made so far have been despatched very quickly. Time will tell if refunds are made as speedily! We'll let you know. If you're right at the smallest end of a size (they go by waist size) I would suggest buying the next size down. Otherwise, you can't tighten the corset any further to get that finely adjusted fit. Better a smaller size with a bit of back showing between the laces than a corset that's just a bit too big for you around the waist and hips, and that is already as small as it will go.

Try them out - get laced into something gorgeous and then trot your burlesque stuff on the dancefloor....a treat not to be missed!

Yours, purring in little scraps of satin,

Burlicious xx

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