22 Mar 2012

Fabulous Fever

Apologies for the long silence, my lovelies – work and other unglamorous activities have rather got in the way of our little chats recently. However, you’ll be delighted to know that, despite this, the show is still going on.

Last night’s class was a delight. Our gorgeous troupe is now dancing “Fever” with aplomb…and they’ve all got the trademark bruised right shin to prove it! 

From our dramatic and imperious Christina, to our cheekily wiggling Sandra, our showgirls are at that happy stage when they know what they’re doing with this dance and what step comes next. They're now dancing it in their own style, and what a lovely job they’re making of it! 

Girls, you’re doing us proud!

On a practical note, next Wednesday is the last class before we break for Easter. We’ll then be back with something sassy for you all on 18th April. 

Time for a wee chat with the Props Manager before then, methinks…

Yours, excited already about next term,

Burlicious x

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