20 Dec 2012

A Sultriness of Santas

...and please read that carefully. It was a "sultriness" and not a sluttiness"!

We had a lovely end of term class last night with Santa-themed outfits and tinsel galore. My, those bells were jingling as we shimmied our way through All That Jazz.

At one point I was thrilled with what felt like my suddenly-enhanced flexibility - I tell you, I was a bendy miracle in our floor routine!

And then it dawned on me... I was dancing in a daft little Santa frock with no structure to it whatsoever. I wasn't suddenly writhingly sinuous, I was just dancing without the firm restraint of a corset or a basque.


Yours, preparing a delicious new routine for 2013. Have a glamorous Christmas!

Burlicious x

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