28 Aug 2015


Yes, moves so hot that the Burlicious choreography angels had to remove their slippers to cope with them yesterday.


It must be said - our minxyness knows no bounds.

We're working away at a number of things at the moment:

  • our deliciously immodest new routine
  • arrangements to perform at the birthday party of one of our gorgeous showgirls in a few weeks' time
  • and the glimmer of a possibility that we might be asked to return to one of our favourite venues next year. Shhh, Secret Squirrel. It may well not happen, but, if it does, it'll be a cracker of a night!
All this and the Sparkly Bra Pixie doing a natty little hornpipe yesterday (no double entendre of any kind intended) and the usual car crash of dance moves and mayhem that is Burlicious At Work - pure genius. 

Less than a fortnight until we're back to class, showgirls. Get yer feathers and your fishnets ready. The countdown to an autumn of gorgeousness has begun.

Yours, in suspense and suspenders,

Burlicious x

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