19 Nov 2015

Like thistledown

We love how much our class makes us laugh. It's a proper tonic.

Our current routine has a chair move where we sit down, face the audience and take the legs wiiiiide apart sharpish. Seated as I am with my back to our troupe, I was treated to the fairylike sound of 28 showgirl hooves, all slamming into the floor at once.

Now, we do like to make the Earth move for our audience, but we don't necessarily want to knock 'em off their seat with a tidal wave of sound.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of clog dancing (OK, maybe there is) but it's not quite the sultry, seductive, temptress of a thing that we aspire to be.

But it is quite funny, and that's always a treat.

What they'll make of the blindfold move, we can only speculate. It could be like the zombie apocalypse out there next week.

 We love you to bits, Showgirls - you never fail to lighten our week.

Yours, bringing slapstick to burlesque,

 Burlicious x

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