12 May 2016

A bit of a thrashing

We returned last night to one of our very earliest routines, created all those years ago when we were first setting up Burlicious as baby showgirls (aah). 

In terms of steps, this dance is a thing of simplicity. In terms of attitude and sheer front, it's full on, with all the contemptuous stamping of the tango and some lovely boa work with arms flicking crisply in and then out at full stretch.

Of course, this is slightly marred by me saying one thing and demonstrating another. At pains to point out for one section of the routine that the feet go right, left, right, left while the arms holding the boa go sharply right in, left in, left out, right out, I then managed to get myself into what can only politely be called as a mucking fuddle, with  arms and boa windmilling around randomly looking like a feathery dervish on speed... or Big Bird getting a bit of a skip on on the dancefloor...which is a long way from the crisp, confident, strutting look that we're after.

I'm delighted to say that this caused much hilarity in the troupe. 

Which is great, 'cos we feel that we've done our job if our showgirls get in at least one belly laugh as a work out during the class. 
At the rate we're going on with the belly laughs, we'll have six packs of steel in a few weeks' time. Mind you, what with the windmill arms, we might also have featherless boas.

Yours, walking and arm waving,

Burlicious x 

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