9 Jun 2016

Feathering nests

Apologies for the silence during the last couple of weeks, Dear Reader - despite it being half term, we've been rather busy.

We performed at a lovely birthday celebration on Sunday. Eleven gorgeous women, all in their 1950s-themed finest, dancing around the garden to one of our showgirl numbers, before trotting off to a vintage cafe for afternoon tea. Now, if that sounds impossibly refined, it might be worth knowing that the previous night they had been making cocktails at a nightclub and living it up until the small hours, and so some of them were just a teeny bit fragile on Sunday.

Still, a glass of fizz; a feather boa; and a bit of dancing and posing with us and they were good to go. And the local birds (feathered) were delighted with the high class array of feathers left strewn around the garden. It's nice to do our bit for nature when we can.

We finished a routine last night and so we'll be starting a new one next Wednesday. Although both are tango style routines, they're very different - the outgoing one is a bit of contemptuous stamping and some delicious thrashing around whilst the new one is smoky, sexy and very seductive. Look forward to seeing you there, showgirls.

And we're setting up the next performances as we speak - another WI meeting (we can't wait!) and another birthday party (shhh. You know who you are! :-) ).

Yours, delighted to entertain,

Burlicious x

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