22 Sept 2018


We romped warmly and stickily to a close with "All That Jazz" this week. There's a lovely move where we're sitting on the floor, legs wide apart, and furbelows (ahem) to the audience. As we lean forward, we run our fingers down the thigh to the ankles, then snatch our hands back quickly to the groin to the shouted instruction "SNATCH!". Given how we are sitting at the time, there was a little bit of unladylike merriment, it must be admitted.

Anyway, dahlings, onto some practical news. If you want to perform "Black Velvet" with us at the show in December, we'll start dancing that next week in class. Those of you who don't want to perform, come to class as usual. There will be absolutely no difference in how we teach the routine and so you will still have the usual hilarious, chaotic, and somehow glamorous and sexy experience.

If you want to perform and you can't make next week, let us know - burlicious@gmail.com; or via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/burlicious/ ; or using any personal contact you have for us. We have plenty of time to rehearse this one so we can make it work for you, but it would be really helpful to have a feel for numbers at this stage.

Yours, ready for some "slow, Southern style",

Burlicious x

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