18 Oct 2018

My arse, your face... in the best possible way

The comfortable hilarity caused by the difference in body proportion between Burlicious showgirls is the gift that keep on giving. Unlike showgirls of yore, chosen to be of matching height and build, we are a proudly motley crew of varying height, build and curvaceousness.

This means that, for those routines where we are dancing up close and personal with each other (as we are with our current number), there's a certain amount of adjustment that needs to go on simply so we don't knock each other off our stillies with a careless body part.

As an example, we're in threes, side on to the audience, standing close one behind the other. We then all go down towards the floor, knees bent, before standing back up again, bum up first, and then TITS (as the instruction goes - it's a chest out, shoulders back thing).

From left to right, we Burlicious Three go bijou, tall, bijou. This means that , as I stand up, my arse tends to hoist the Voluptuous Jules, who is close, close, close behind me, up by her, well, her voluptuous bazoooms. In contrast, the Sparkly Bra Pixie, in front of me, more or less sits on my knees on the way down. It's a hoot.

Who needs uniformity in female bodies? We are living, giggling proof that you can have much more fun without.

Yours, positively on an "infinite variety" kick,

Burlicious x

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