27 Jan 2019

New term, new routine, same gentle hilarity

Darlings, after a slow start to the year, we are finally launched on a new term and a cracking new routine. 

Fear not, those of you who missed this rapturous launch last week. We're only one week in and you know what it's like at the start - there is still plenty of time for you to catch up. Which is just as well... because we Burlicious Three have yet to finish designing the thing! :-)

We took a pragmatic decision to launch the first two thirds of this routine while the final third is still brewing in the choreography lab. It's fair to say that we Burlicious Three only just learned the first two thirds by the skin of our teeth before appearing in class to show it to the troupe. Add to that the fact that a smattering of injuries between us means that we can't all do all the moves at the moment, and you can understand why we are not exactly performing at an intimidating level of perfection....ha ha!

Still, the new routine is fun. And it looks fantastic with a troupe doing the first marionette-style piece in clockwork crispness.

It's good to be back in harness, showgirls. Corset on, gloves unrolled, pick up those heels and smile!

Yours, delighting in the daftness,

Burlicious x

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