7 Feb 2019

A new move a day keeps the doctor away

The body is a mysterious thing. It's particularly puzzling when you ask it to do something new.

It's fair to say that, in our day-to-day life, there isn't much call for what we Burlicious three refer to as "tit rotations". This is not the twirling with tassels of the stripping burlesque performer. This is a drawing of a horizontal circle with the ribs - front, side, back, side - with the tits perkily leading the way, with emphasis in one particular direction to the beat, and with the lower half of the body still.

Coming to grips with it is a hilarious process.

Looking around the troupe as it test drove this move initially last night, there were showgirls with jaws and chin unconsciously following the same circular motion as the chest; showgirls staring  down in utter concentration and perplexity at their own tits, wondering how to get them started; showgirls lurching dangerously from side to side... and behind them all was the Voluptuous Jules, whose own marvellous bazoom punched emphatic circles all by itself as if the rest of her body were not involved.

An utter delight, Dear Reader, an utter delight.

And this was before we got down on all fours for the "low shoulders arse waggle" - oh yes.

Still, they say that new stuff is good for the brain!

Yours, positively brimming with mental sharpness,

Burlicious x

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