23 May 2019

Bum roll, please

"Ta da da da DA" - goes the music.

Right left right left RIGHT - is what a curvaceousness of bums should be doing as the troupe is bent over, flat back, straight legs, posterior to the audience.


Except that the music is really quite fast.

And distinguishing right from left isn't everybody's strength.

So the whole thing at this early stage of learning the routine is currently, shall we say, a little more freestyle than it is intended to be?

On the other hand, the hat management at the start of the routine is looking fab - crisp, calm, collected. We love it when a plan comes together, we really do.

No class next week, Showgirls, so we'll next see you for speed bum waggling on 5th June.

Yours, happy in our wagglin',

Burlicious x

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