3 Oct 2019

Rattle them tin cans, we're coming through ...

According to wedding tradition, the ten year anniversary is tin, or aluminium. Well, we Burlicious Three have been wedded to Burlicious and our delicious Burlicious troupe for a tad over ten years now, so bring on those cans!.

Ten years!

Ten years of dancing with fabulous women as we strut and shimmy and smoulder and sass.

Ten years of adorable, ridiculous, feathers and satins and sequins, stockings and fishnets and heels.

Ten years of laughs in class, glamour on stage and wowing a variety of audiences, public and private, indoors and out.

Ten years of seeing confidence grow and women having a ball as they do their own thing, for themselves, in a safe place with lots of laughter.

We have long quipped that we're the oldest showgirls in town, and that we'll still be doing this when they cart us off to the care home. We are tickled pink by the idea that we might work our way towards a disgraceful, Saga-licious future.

So, thank you showgirls, for being a part of this with us. Whether you no longer dance with us; you have just joined us; you can only be with us now and then; or whether you have been a part of Burlicious right from the very start - you're all mission critical to us and to what we do, and we are chuffed to bits to have shared this with you.

Yours, still hot to trot,

Burlicious x

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