7 Nov 2019

Glory Box

"Move over, and give us some room" goes the Portishead track to which we finished dancing last night.

And, oh, does our troupe deserve that room and attention!

The finished routine is subtly sexy, beautiful, powerful and assertive. It's one of those that felt quite nice when we Burlicious Three were in the design stages and that then suddenly looks amazing after a few weeks' practice when the troupe is dancing it well.

Sultry low eye contact. Crisp opening and closing of legs while seated. Sleek use of evening gloves to suggest satin handcuffs then blindfold. Then strong, big, "in charge" moves at the end. It's all woman,

Next week we launch a slightly remade version of an old favourite - "Roxanne". If you want to start a new routine with us from the very beginning, Wednesday 13th November is your ideal chance. Do join us.

Loving your work, Showgirls, just loving your work,

Burlicious x

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