9 Jan 2020

A chaos of chorus girls

OK, so we accept that it is three weeks since we last danced the current routine.

And, December being the social whirl that it is, most of our showgirls missed at least one or two classes before term ended – so there are chunks of the routine that they have never been taught.

And we Burlicious Three have three other routines in our head at the moment as we have been rehearsing this week for a performance next week. There is, it must be admitted, a bit of confusion creeping in for us between routines as a result.

Even so, last night our final class for teaching this routine soared to new highs of delightful, feathery, thigh-slapping, bum-smacking chaos!

Our showgirls were not aided by the fact that they are being led from the front by me and that that I went a bit unintentionally “freestyle” in places. Nor did it help tremendously that we had to canter through it all so that we can start a new routine next week. But, oh, how we love them for gamely strutting their stuff regardless!

We always say that we love it every bit as much when we b*gger it up as when the troupe dances in perfect, delicious synchronicity. Last night was a tad more the former than the latter, and it was a hoot.

Thank you, showgirls, for another night of giggles and daftness 😊.

Yours, smiling in anticipation of next week,

Burlicious x

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