7 Feb 2020

The "two soups?" troupe

Sometimes when we're dancing, the brain gets a tad overloaded, the message fails to reach the feet in time, and it all goes a bit awry.

The current routine is a thing of relative simplicity. There's a lot of walking about nicely, and each of the moves is straightforward by itself. However, there is a fair bit of changing direction. And, if you don't set off on the correct foot each time that that happens, it all goes very pear-shaped.

Witness the glorious, juddering, uncertain steps taken by some of the troupe this week. The right foot sets off in a certain direction. A split second later, the brain shrieks: "No! LEFT!!" The right foot snaps back and the left starts to set off instead, sometimes to be swiftly recalled for another go on the right.

Now, those of you who loved Acorn Antiques by Wood and Walters will have seen something very similar to this before in the tottering, uncertain, off balance, progress that Mrs Overall makes across the room with her tray loaded with spillables and her body feinting first in this direction and then the other. When our showgirls unintentionally do much the same mid-routine, it's comedy gold. We bloomin' well love it.

So, here's to Mrs Overall burlesque, showgirls - we shall positively shine at this.

Yours, wondering about the pinny and the lisle stockings,

Burlicious x

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