25 Nov 2021

Vesting to tease

 A new branch of burlesque was launched last night. We start in our undies and then slowly start putting on extra layers as we dance. This invention sprung from the fact that we are new to our lovely hall, and we haven’t yet discovered how to turn on the heating. It was a tad chilly, it must be said.

“I’m glad I’ve got two vests on,” muttered the Sparkly Bra Pixie as we leant into each other for a particular move.

“You utter sex kitten,” I replied.

Meanwhile, the Voluptuous Jules almost jiggled in place in an attempt to warm up. I’m sure that many would have found that a warming sight.

All this, and the instruction to perform a “crisp flash”, which led to a rather smutty conversation about where to keep one’s crisps, and an acceptable time was had by all.

No class next week, showgirls, so we’ll see you on the 8th. I shall start the evening in my heating engineer’s outfit and will lure some heating to us.

Yours, crisps duly flashed,

Burlicious x

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