9 Feb 2012

And, oh, our cups runneth over!

What a class with which to end the half term!

The Cupcake Queen brought us beautiful, homemade cupcakes to celebrate her birthday. They were almost too pretty to eat…but we managed it bravely. Well, a Showgirl builds up an appetite shimmying and grinding, you know!

And one of our glamorous girls stalked in in her spike heels with armloads of gorgeous garments for all of us to add to our existing wardrobe of sparkles and spangles. 

I tell you, an hour dancing to Lady Marmalade and Little Spender, then a rootle through some fabulous clothes – cupcake in hand – choosing fripperies to wear for the next half term of classes, well, it doesn’t get much more perfect than that! Bliss!

Yours, simply loving what we do,

Burlicious x

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