2 Feb 2012

Slave to our sequins

Ah, the irresistible shimmering lure of a sequinned or beaded garment. Oh, the delight of seeing little flashes of light darting off your curves as you strut about deliciously. And, oh, the predictable downside of the chafing and scratching of sequins against tender Showgirl skin.

Here’s a thing - we can put a man on the moon; we can talk to someone on the far side of the world using a gadget smaller than one of those coy decorated tampon boxes that women used to carry in their handbag; and yet we can’t invent a non-scratchy sequin. Really? Something’s clearly gone wrong somewhere in the management of the world's priorities.

Here at Burlicious Towers, we need a live-in wardrobe mistress – someone who will scour the world for knickers that fit; who will tirelessly sew sparkly bits onto our outfits (it’s the magpie in us, we can’t help ourselves, we MUST have them!); and who will lovingly edge our sequinned stuff with ribbon so we can dance without being shredded.

Honestly, you have no idea how we sacrifice ourselves for our art! J

Yours, seduced by the twinkle in a sequin's eye, Burlicious x

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