27 Jan 2012

What burlesque does for us

Beneath the satins and the sequins, the feathers and the fripperies, the stockings and the stilettos there’s a serious reason for dancing burlesque. It’s amazing how much better it makes you feel about your own body.

Years ago, we Burlicious three went to our first class in track suit bottoms and exercise tops, and skulked about shyly in the back row. And then, week by week, class by class, we started to wear a little less and reveal a little more. Now we’re strutting around in our basques and knickers and loving every minute of it.

So what’s changed? Have we suddenly each acquired a perfect body? Nope. But we’ve all learnt that we can be fabulously gorgeous, sexy women in the body that we already have. Honest. I know this sounds like a cheesy self-help book, but it’s true! 

The clearest proof of this comes from our public performances. If you’re in your showgirl finery, dancing a beautiful routine, and looking like you love it, nobody notices your (in my case) bingo wings or podgy knees. They look at the whole woman and applaud your loveliness. And, boy, does that feel good!

And that’s what we do in class – have fun whilst getting much more comfortable with how we look. It's magical stuff.

Right, that’s it - serious point made. Next week we’ll talk about something daft!

Yours, unzipping our inner minx, Burlicious x

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