19 Jan 2012

Love your beauty spot

Some women are nervous about joining a burlesque class because they think it’s all about stripping (ours most certainly isn’t!) or that you need the body of a post-surgery, post-starvation-diet, celebrity before you can take part.

I was thinking about this as I watched our luscious lovelies dance last night. 

Now, there isn’t a single showgirl in our troupe that fits today’s (boring, unfeminine) size zero ideal.

And every woman in our troupe will tell you that there are things that she really dislikes about her body.

But, trust us, every single woman there has something absolutely gorgeous about her…if not several things! 

Have a look at the pictures on this site. They are all photos we have taken of our showgirls. Not a single shot is airbrushed or re-mastered in any way. And I’ve already started sidling up to showgirls who we haven’t featured yet, asking them if we can photograph something particularly lovely about them for a future post on this site.

Now, try and tell me that those legs we put on the last post aren’t beautiful, or that the sequinned bum on the right here isn’t delectable, or that there isn’t something lovely about that nice back in a laced-up corset. And these women are normal mothers, office workers, shop workers, teachers….just like the rest of us.

Honestly, ladies, every single one of you has something gorgeous to show off. And a fun, safe, supportive burlesque class is the best place we know to learn how to show it off with pizazz!

Yours, trying NOT to look like perverts as we get into strange positions to photograph women in their scanties,

Burlicious x

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