12 Jan 2012

These are a few of our favourite things

No, you haven’t accidentally landed on the Sound of Music website. Nor are we going for a sort of burlesque “sexy nun” thing (trust us, there’s something very wrong with that!). Nope, we’re just bubbling over after a fab class with things that we love about burlesque dancing.

Last night’s troupe had the lot:

  • Experienced regulars, each of whom is developing her own showgirl style – dramatic, dreamy, cheeky, sassy….we choreograph the moves and our beauties then add their own individual touch;
  • Absolute beginners, discovering to their surprise and delight that they can actually dance a burlesque routine and that it looks and feels great;
  • Last week’s new joiners, strutting their stuff in newly-acquired showgirl finery – you look gorgeous, girls!

Add to that the absolute delight of seeing a constellation of burlesque starlets, stepping out beautifully in time to the music, and you can see why we love what we do!

Fan me with a feathery fascinator, someone, I’m all overcome!

Yours, bursting with pride, Burlicious xx

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