1 Apr 2013

Cool moves, hot beer

Off we went on Saturday to dance at the birthday party of one of our beautiful showgirls. Dressed in our finest we gave a delighted audience in a packed wine bar three delicious routines.

We're now old hands at this "intimate little venue" game and deftly avoided the tables groaning with food, the low ceilings and the nervous crowd of standing spectators. It's always a pleasure to watch the ones at the front shuffle back nervously as the dance takes us right up to them, a glint of showgirl mischief in our eye.

Unusually, this time it wasn't the Sparkly Bra Pixie's clothes that deserted her - it was the corset of the voluptuous Jules that made a determined break for it. As I re-laced her into her modesty, it was pointed out to me that I was missing a trick as there were at least twenty men in the audience who would gladly have paid for the pleasure of doing this simple task.

"Ooh," said a nice gentleman when we had finished dancing, "suddenly my lager's gone quite warm."


Yours, raising the temperature on a wintry Easter,

Burlicious x

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