21 Mar 2013

Showing what we can do

Burlicious Towers is positively a-buzz with plans for the future right now. We're very close to committing to an end-of-year show in which our Burlicious beauties can strut their stuff for an adoring audience. There's a lot to do, but we know it'll be worth it and that those showgirls who do decide tread the boards with us will absolutely love the experience... even if it's a knee-knocking thought initially.

Showgirls, if we didn't think you could do it superbly, we wouldn't have suggested it!

And we're on for some summer workshops so that our regulars can brush up their moves, as well as enticing women who can't get to our regular classes to boa up and join the fun. And did we mention the likelihood of cake and champagne after...? How could that be anything less than a perfect way to spend an afternoon?!

Yours, plotting and planning madly, being our own Miss Moneypenny with librarian spectacles and twinsets at the ready,

Burlicious x

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