3 Mar 2013

Up close and personal

Off last night to be the entertainment for a burlesque-themed evening at the lovely Berry's Eatery. The Berry ladies are exceptionally gifted bakers, so we had the surreal experience of shimmying into our smalls in the back room whilst surrounded by delicious-looking cakes and baking ingredients. Mmmm.

Then it was out into the restaurant to dance four routines for a happy crowd. It's an intimate setting, requiring clever in-flight adjustment to avoid accidentally head-butting the bar or dealing audience members a swift blow to the side of the head whilst majestically sweeping out a leg.

We particularly liked the gentlemen who looked politely away when presented with a fishnetted derriere at very close quarters. We also liked those who slunk shyly down into their seat as we wandered about the crowd bestowing them with little strokes and ruffling hair as we passed.

All this and the added bonus of some of our favourite people in the audience made for a superb evening.

Yours, taking bookings now,

Burlicious  x

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