16 Mar 2013

A jamboree bag of goodies

The snow outside did nothing to detract from the glow of our troupe of showgirls on Wednesday. Sterling progress was achieved with the intimate little threesome of a routine that we have designed for Black Velvet.

Our showgirls pony-trotted, white lightninged and wriggled gorgeously. Long evening gloves were used to devastatingly appealing effect to deliver cheeky little smacks on proffered rears. Sequinned leggings, satin corsets, skyscraper heels... we had the lot.

Next week we'll get onto the teapot slide, the flash (and, no, we're not suddenly introducing nudity. Trust us - your beautiful outfits are safe with us!) and the pop drop.

Can't wait.

Yours, with a head full of lyrics and steps,

Burlicious x

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