13 Jun 2013

Smorgasbord Showgirls

Last night's class had a touch of Fever; a dollop of Lady Marmalade; and a main course of All That Jazz. Our showgirls hoovered up the lot with ease and were clearly ready for more.

However, I really must make my instructions to the troupe more elegant.

The move "put the flat of your hand on your sacrum" followed by the move "now turn your head towards the audience" got shortened in the heat of the moment to "Bum... Head" - which sounded more like a playground insult than a piece of dance direction.

I'm terribly taken by those slim, professional, terrifying dance mistresses in films - all chignon hairdo, imperiously-arched eyebrows, sleek black clothes and cigarette holder. Sadly, I'm more likely to have the a*se ripped out of my tights and to be cantering about in class with my
knicker label hanging out.

This sophistication thing, it's harder than it looks, you know!

Yours, dreaming of undies that can take the punishment that we hand out,

Burlicious x

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