24 May 2013

Horses for courses, clotheses for poses

We had Lady Marmalade as our routine of choice this week and the first bit of floor work for some of our lovely new showgirls. Hard on the stiletto heels of that learning experience came another - corsets, whilst delicious, are not very forgiving when bending.

Who would have thought, when sitting on the floor with one leg outstretched, that one's ankles and shins could be so completely out of reach? Suddenly there's a stark choice between reaching forward to stroke lovingly along the leg and... well, breathing.

Hats off to the Von Teeses of the world and their courage in the face of corset-wearing. We find it challenging enough to wear the steel-boned numbers when we're driving to class, sitting bolt upright at the wheel and breathing shallowly like a nervous Victorian governess.

This level of gorgeousness comes at a cost, you know.

Yours, planning a very unstructured outfit for our next class,

Burlicious x

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