2 May 2013

Less is not always more

The path to Burlicious Towers has been worn quite smooth this week as a series of delivery chaps has brought us goodies from afar. A bounty of boas and a flirtation of feather fans have been welcomed into our eclectic wardrobe.

In our dreams we would be going all Gipsy Rose Lee at this point and devising something delicious and demure with nothing more than a pair of full-length ostrich feather fans, a well-turned ankle, and a winning smile.

However, what we have acquired are more akin to starter fans, just 30cm long from handle to tip. With these, any hide and reveal move that we could craft would be less "hint and tease" and much more "here it all is, mate, ready or not".

Not really the look that we're after.

Mind you, our cunning plan is to see if we can use these pretty little fans to remake our fabulous parasol routine. Watch this space, showgirls. If this works a thing of great beauty will be coming your way... and this time, without the visit to A&E that the parasols threatened.

Yours, loving our new plumage,

Burlicious x

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