16 May 2013

More ideas than brain

We're currently enjoying ourselves dancing to an old favourite - Lady Marmalade. It's a brilliantly unsubtle, sassy number, all hips and strutting.

The downside to dancing a routine that you're as comfortable with as an old bra, is that sometimes you forget it's there and suddenly find that you can't remember what step comes next. At least, that's what happens to me.

Or rather, what happens to me is that I find myself concentrating instead on our gorgeous showgirls - in all their enticing variety - and then I start thinking of moves that would look great with that perfect pair of legs, or that temptingly curved derriere, or those beautiful arms... and my brain fills itself up with future choreography...

... leaving not quite enough brain to pilot me through the next steps of the routine.

Sad really.

Still, I have a corset covered with silver sequins; we're dancing with a fabulous troupe of women; we're having a good time; and the hour's class flashes past. What could be better than that? Perfection is vastly overrated.

Yours, muddling through in nice outfits,

Burlicious x

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