20 Feb 2014

Saturday Night's Alright for Dancing

My oh my, what a fabulous night we had at the Angling Club, performing to a full house (standing room only) alongside the delightful Elton Towers!

Yes, the drink spillage on our dance floor did make for a few sudden and rather surprising moves.

Yes, my beautiful pink parasol, having opened smartly through my legs, did then refuse stubbornly to shut so that I then couldn't draw it back through my legs, tidily closed.

Yes, the dressing room was also the kitchen behind the bar, which made for a lot of barmen (how could there have been that many?) popping in and out as we were changing. Our favourite was the guy who informed us that it didn't matter if he came in because he was gay. The credibility of this explanation was rather seriously undermined by him mentioning a few minutes later that his wife was in the audience.

And, yes, despite having Elton's willing help, we didn't exactly manage to get the music to start and stop as precisely as we would normally do.

But, oh, what a lovely, lovely crowd - happy (not just because of the cheap drinks, we think), welcoming, generous with their praise afterwards, and absolutely up for it. As we left the venue, we were treated to a standing ovation - it was Grafty Green all over again! All this, and great music from Elton himself - what's not to like?

A special mention goes to our barman who, at the very end, asked us if we took all shapes and sizes of woman at our class. "Definitely," we said.

"And I suppose you tell them all that they can be sexy no matter what they look like?" he asked. "Abso-bloomin'-lutely," we said.

"That's fantastic," he said. "I love it. All power to you!"

Isn't it great when an utter stranger completely gets what you do!

Yours, happy to do it all over again,

Burlicious x


  1. I expect to see your barman in his corset strutting his stuff very soon!

    1. So do we! We'll pop his name down on the list for our first Burlicious Boys workshop!





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