6 Feb 2014


... with laughter. Ah, how we love those magical moments when one of the troupe confidently, sassily, b*ggers it up, just as happened last night.

What's lovely about our friendly host of showgirls and our rather informal style is that we are all genuinely tickled when it goes wrong. There's nothing to match that fantastic combination of giving it all you've got, stepping out in style and with great panache, and then having it slowly dawn on you that you're the only one doing what you're doing and that you have gone absolutely, unmistakably, unambiguously....wrong.

Cue laughter; a hurried recovery; and then a battle with irrepressible giggles through the rest of the routine, shoulders shaking all the time.

What a tonic for the soul! We must bottle this and sip it delicately through the rest of the week whenever life is less entertaining.

Yours, giggling now at the memory,

Burlicious x

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