12 Mar 2015

Coming to see our etchings

Off we trotted on Saturday to be a surprise present for a birthday boy as he turned fifty. It was a lovely event – a small crowd; a roaring open fire (very hot under the boa!); a delightful dressing room; champagne; and a very, very appreciative birthday boy.

“That’s etched on my retina now for ever,” he repeated happily as we chatted afterwards. He then gazed admiringly at the curves of the Voluptuous Jules, asking wistfully if she ever did a Tinkerbell number. “Well,” said Jules musingly, “she is a very naughty fairy…”

The Sparkly Bra Pixie and I have often said that we could make a fortune just hiring that woman out on a “look, but don’t touch” basis. The Voluptuous Jules says that there’s a word for that, and it isn’t a nice one.

We left our birthday boy asking us if we were staying for breakfast and wondering if he could afford to have us dance for him every week. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Yours, sprinkling birthday fairy dust on some happy lives,

Burlicious x

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