19 Mar 2015

Showgirl Relief

What a fabulous treat for a Monday night - three dozen showgirls looking absolutely delicious, all shaking their groove thang with us to raise money for Comic Relief. We Burlicious Three, along with a sprinkling of our regular beauties, took the gorgeous women of Active Life in Canterbury through a feisty rendition of “Lady Marmalade” and a good time was had by all.

We were tickled pink to see so many of our first-time showgirls kitted out in corsets and heels and just as delighted that others came along in their comfortable workout gear. It proves our point that you don’t need a wardrobe full of sequins, fishnets and stilettoes to enjoy our class. All you need is to give yourself up to the music, flash a bit of female attitude, and to shimmy, bump and grind like a good ‘un. And smile!

We had a ball, ladies. Thank you for joining us. It was very satisfying afterwards to see the Burlicious signature of a sea of multi-coloured feathers on the floor. It was even more entertaining to watch that carpet of feathers take on a life of its own as the feathers raced across the floor in blasts of fierce air-conditioning!

And for those of you new showgirls who want more and who can’t make our regular class, remember, we're running an afternoon workshop on Saturday 27th June. Go on, treat yourself and book in. You know you want to!

Yours, floating on feathers,

Burlicious x

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