26 Feb 2016

The Avengers in undies

Wednesday's class saw us canter to the satisfying close of our latest routine. Like very British superheroes, put together from Mary Poppins; cross-dressing City gents and The Avengers, we taught those brollies a lesson.

We swung them open; we snapped them shut; we caressed them; we (ahem) polished their little ends; and we twinkled our legs coyly behind them. As the Sparkly Bra Pixie observed when fifteen showgirls each took the tip of a furled brolly lingeringly up the back of her leg to her behind, "Steed would have loved this!"

Of course, this meant nothing to the less mature members of the troupe. However, those of us who grew up wanting to be Purdey loved it.

You were fabulous, as always, showgirls. Next week, it's time to put those brollies to one side and get yerselves ready to slink about with a bit of Slow, Southern Style as we launch the next routine.

Yours, as Purdey as a picture,

Burlicious x

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