3 Mar 2016

Individually gorgeous

Last night we launched our latest routine. It's a sultry, smouldering little number, all lazy hip swings and long arm caresses. Think, if you will, of long, humid afternoons on the verandah with a mint julep and a lean, weathered cowboy (one of the cleaner ones with a few social graces, natch), exchanging bold and lingering stares heavy with promise.

OK, it's not very like our little hall, but you get what we're aiming for.

Already pretty much step perfect through the opening moves, we're now enticing the troupe to try to circle their lovely hips in time with each other. The routine calls for groups of three, standing close together, and includes a series of little grinds (basically, hip circles). Now, if three women all circle their hips in the same direction at the same time, it looks bloomin' lovely. However, last night, it was a bit like looking through a microscope at a drop of water and seeing a number of organisms all swirling away randomly in every direction - like a Newton's Cradle, if you like, when one of the balls has been disrupted.

It's individually expressive - which we like. But it also looks endearingly bonkers.

But, do you know what? By next week they'll have it sussed. What looks now like a disco throwback to everyone dancing "The Bump" will in next week's class become co-ordinated and slick and beautiful and effortless.

We do love seeing you eat this stuff up, Showgirls. You're a class act.

Yours, we do declare,

Burlicious x

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