15 Jul 2016

Random number generator

Having been off gallivanting for a couple of weeks, I returned to class on Wednesday night to see what the Sparkly Bra Pixie, the Voluptuous Jules and the troupe had wrought in my absence.

They've clearly been cracking along at a spanking pace and have almost mistressed the second half of our current routine.

Just as well, really, given that I was still in a holiday dream, all ready to teach them the right steps in the wrong place. They're a well-mannered lot and humoured me graciously while I did so. It's nice to see such respect for the bewildered. Take me away for a couple of weeks and I can come back and generate a brand new number by simply re-ordering in a random way the ingredients of the original - I'm a proper little ERNIE.

They'll be snapping me up for the lottery next and
I'll be producing bonus balls with the best of 'em.

Yours, accidentally creative,

Burlicious x

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