12 Oct 2017

Dressed and undressed

We choreograph our own routines.

This involves we Burlicious Three getting together here at Burlicious Towers for hours of invention, hilarity, discovery, delight and the summary rejection of some truly sub-standard moves.

Our petite choreography space (aka "the kitchen") presents a number of challenges - a narrow space; unforgivably hard surfaces; and, typically, a rather underwhelmed cat.

To our astonishment, we seem to excel at developing beautiful, neat, elegant moves. The constant refrain between us is the call to "smut it up a bit". Ah, Dear Reader, if you could see the outtakes that that instruction produces, you would cry with laughter.

And yet, when you take our creations into class and see them danced by a galaxy of women in corsets and sequins and fishnets and heels and frilly drawers and little daft shorts and spangly tops, those moves that looked no more than pretty for three women dancing in a kitchen in slippers and jumpers suddenly look sensuous, seductive and sexy.

We're learning. "It'll look better in the outfits," we now say to each other as we design a routine. And, do you know, it bloomin' well does!

Yours, loving that sprinkling of stardust,

Burlicious x

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