19 Oct 2017

Your next delicious instalment

A practical post, Showgirls, looking at delights to come.

Firstly - don't shimmy up for a class next Wednesday (25th October) 'cos there isn't one. We'll be loosening our laces and slipping off our stillies for half term.

The next class will be 1st November. We'll probably be finishing off The Other Woman in that class. (That sounds rather more sinister than it is, Dear Reader. "The Other Woman" is the name of our current dance routine and not the proposed victim of some sort of murderous group revenge fest.)

Here at Burlicous Towers we're choreographing like crazy. Our new routine will be ready for 8th November, but we're a Partner-in-sequins down that week and haven't decided whether to launch the new routine then or not. We'll keep you all updated re. a launch date, as we know some of you are desperate to get back to strutting your stuff with us at the first hint of a new number.

Have a lovely Burlicious-free week (as if there is such a thing) and we'll see you in a couple of weeks or soon after that for another drug-free injection of glamour; hilarity; irresponsible clothing and "feel-good" wiggling.

Yours, practising the "bum-first-chair-dismount" shuffle (you know who you are :-) ),

Burlicious x

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