18 Nov 2017

Bijou and Burlicious

Darlings, we were a select little gathering at class this week. The upside was that it provided us with a brilliant opportunity to play with a routine, turning it around, weaving through each other, and rediscovering how much it can mess with one's head to dance the same steps in a different direction.

There'll be more of this in future classes, my lovelies.

What there'll be less of, my lovely fellow showgirls from Wednesday, is the builder's bum lacy tights with which I was struggling as we danced. I was plum tuckered out with hefting them up by the time we had finished!

Anyway, my little cherry pips, the real news is that a brand new routine starts on Wednesday 22nd. 

Consider it an early Christmas gift from we Burlicious Three.

We spoil you, we do :-).

Yours, just finalising the wrapping,

Burlicious x

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