30 Nov 2017

A modesty gusset

Our glorious new routine to Lorde's "Royals" is a lovely piece of sass, strut, suggestion, and a bit of rolling around on the floor flashing our drawers.

Our beautiful troupe has been having a high old time clipping about in their heels, weaving in and out of each other, and, sometimes, accidentally doing the very opposite to what is required, so that a sprinkling of showgirls end up staring at the rest of the troupe face-to-face and wondering where they might have gone astray.

Next week we'll be smutting it up on the floor, waving our legs about and trying our damnedest not to look like upended beetles.

So, showgirls, perhaps not the mini-thong, next week, eh? We suggest the broader gusset and a corset with a bit of give in it.

Yours, making sure that we don't reveal our jewels,

Burlicious x

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